Fifolet Candle Makers

FIFOLET Candle Makers is located in Franklin, Louisiana, inside one of the oldest structures in St. Mary Parish, directly behind the beautiful Shadowlawn home along the banks of the Bayou Teche. The beautiful Greek Revival structure was built around 1810 by Barnet Hulick as a public tavern and Inn for travelers.

During an amazing span of history, first as a Tavern and Inn, later as living quarters and kitchen to the main house. It has seen war, tall-masted schooners, paddle wheelers carrying lumber and sugar, and has withstood many hurricanes and other natural disasters over the years all while looking over the flowing waters of the Bayou Teche. Today, FIFOLET Candle Makers is proud to add to its rich history.

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Categories: Candles

906 1/2 B Main St.
Franklin, LA  70358