Phoenix Medical Healthcare Center, Inc.

We are grateful and proud to be your medical home for all your healthcare needs. As we forge through unprecedented times for our generation, we at Phoenix Medical Healthcare Center, Inc are committed to serving our patients, families and community with comprehensive, quality, holistic and passionate care. Now, more than ever, we are focused on the impact of health issues and well being on all aspects of human existence. With innovative technological advances, Phoenix Medical Healthcare Center, Inc is harnessing cutting-edge information system platforms to provide up-to-date vital and efficient medical care to patients.

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Categories: CounselingPhysicians & Surgeons

215 Everett Street
Morgan City, LA  70380 


Rodrigue Counseling Services LLC

My name is Victoria “Viki” Rodrigue, LPC, NCC. I am the owner of Rodrigue Counseling Services, LLC located in Morgan City, LA. I specialize in helping children and adolescents work through emotional and behavioral issues due to significant life changes, trauma, and mental health diagnoses, such as ADHD and Anxiety and Depression Disorders. My goal as a counselor is to help my clients find healing and everlasting change through a supportive therapeutic relationship and play.
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Categories: Counseling

1109 8th St, Ste 2
Morgan City, LA 70380