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Lee Felterman & Associates, LLC

Lee Felterman & Associates has over 40 years experience in buying, selling, and brokering a wide variety of marine equipment. We serve a world-wide clientele bringing Buyers and Sellers together!

If you don’t see what you need, please give us a call and we’ll find it!

Our office is located on the Gulf Coast in Patterson, Louisiana on the lower Atchafalaya River waterfront and we also provide secure dockage and custodianship of vessels including the U.S. Marshall Service,  financial institutions, as well as general dockage, surveillance, bilge & line security for any customers interested.

We also offer Notary Services!

Marc Felterman – Louisiana statewide Notary Public

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115 Landry St.
Patterson, LA 70392 



Mark Tool & Rubber Company, Inc

Mark Tool & Rubber is the leader in splash zone protection and a leading manufacturer of cast urethane and rubber tools for offshore and marine applications. Specialty products include rubber rollers, polyurethane rollers, pipe spacers, tensioner pads, SplashTRON® Pipeline Coatings, and other custom molded rubber products.
Mark Tool has been in business since 1954 and has proudly serviced the Gulf with the best in rubber and molded urethane products.
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10502 LA 182
Franklin, LA 70538 


Morgan City Supply of Louisiana, Inc

Since 1948


Morgan City Supply of Louisiana opened its doors on June 8, 1948, as a seller of automotive parts and supplies, and has grown and changed much over the past 70+ years.

Established as Morgan City Motor Supply, we started the business on Everett Street in Morgan City, Louisiana, at the beginning of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since then, we’ve adapted and expanded, along with the economy of this area, into the commercial and industrial supply store we are today.

– The Staff at Morgan City Supply of Louisiana, Inc.

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6911 Hwy 90 E
Morgan City, LA 70380