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Trustworthiness and service reliability are our main principles for consumer loyalty. We are working hard to ensure quality for customers. Individual approach and high flexibility are combined with reasonable prices. Technologies have never been so simple!

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We’re local members of the communities we serve, which allows us to get your services up and running quickly. Discover the world with us.

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Network USA, LLC

For nearly three decades, Conterra’s professionals have been designing, building, and operating new-technology-based telecom networks in the education, healthcare, enterprise, and carrier industries throughout the U.S. Over the years, we’ve continued using leading-edge technologies to solve problems of slow, unreliable Internet and phone connections, as well as obsolete data, media and video transport circuits.

Today, more than ever, bandwidth drives business. Using fiber, fixed-wireless and hybrid solutions, we continue to offer huge bandwidth capacity to these industries with forward-facing technologies and service.

Fiber allows our network infrastructures to have virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity at the speed of light! This means we can deliver the highest levels of connectivity and reliability to our customers without worry. Our custom-built networks and robust services allow us to tailor comprehensive solutions that fit any business or organization. And we deliver these solutions without compromising security or service quality.

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