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Port of Morgan City

The Port of Morgan City , Morgan City, Louisiana, is the birthplace of the offshore oil exploration industry. It has been an avenue of both domestic and international trade since 1957, with convenient, direct access to ocean-going traffic across the globe.

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf, the Port is located at the confluence of the Atchafalaya River and the Intracoastal Waterway at GIWW WHL Mile Marker 95.

The port is uniquely situated to handle trade from throughout the United States and the world. Its docking and cargo handling facilities serve a wide variety of medium draft vessels.There are over 200 private dock facilities located in the Morgan City vicinity. These facilities have heavy lift, barge-mounted cranes with capacities to 5,000 tons, track cranes to 300 tons, and mobile cranes to 150 tons.

The Port of Morgan City is a viable alternative for shippers utilizing shallow and medium draft vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. From the Port of Morgan City, U.S. exports can easily be shipped to ports of call in Mexico, Latin America or the Caribbean.  Establishing long-term, international relationships is a goal of the port’s commissioners and staff.

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7327 LA-182
Morgan City, LA 70380 



Port of West St. Mary

The Port of West St. Mary’s mission is to encourage and promote local and regional economic development, both Port and Non-Port related, by providing owners property and quality facilities that lead to the improvement in quality of life for the residents of St. Mary Parish and in neighboring areas.

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15301 LA 182
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